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Electrocell B10 [Leroy biotech]

The ELECTROcell B10 HVLV is a pulse generator able to generate high-voltage short monopolar and bipolar pulses used in electroporation treatments. Amplitude and duration of the positive and negative pulse can be controlled separately. The interface is a touch screen which enables easy input pulse parameters. Pulses can be delivered by a foot pedal controller or via touch-screen.

ELECTROcell B10 Manual

Gemini X2 [Harvard apparatus BTX]

Gemini X2 electroporator is a pulse generator, capable of delivering square as well as exponentially decaying pulses. Square-voltage pulses are delivered in two voltage ranges – high and low voltage. It is easily controlled via the touchscreen. It enables saving custom protocols in its memory. The delivered voltage and the connected load are measured for each pulse.

Gemini X2 Manual

Vitae [Igea]

Vitae is a pulse generator able to generate square wave high-voltage pulses (amplitudes varying between 500 – 3000 V, pulse length between 50 µs – 1 ms), where applied amplitude and current are measured for each pulse separately. The pulse generator consists of a computer that runs a graphic user interface and user interacts with the device by means of the touch-screen (where probe type, pulse amplitude, length, number and repetition frequency can be selected) incorporated in the display and a double pedal. Vitae pulse generator can also be used for electroporation of smaller cells (i.e. bacteria, yeast) due to its capability to deliver pulses with higher amplitudes.

Vitae Manual

Neon [Invitrogen]

The Neon Transfection System is a pulse generator, able to deliver longer microsecond pulses used in gene electrotransfer treatments. The cell suspension is transferred to a special tip which contains one gold electrode. Tip is mounted on a special pipette which is inserted in the electroporation chamber which contains the other electrode. The gap between the electrodes is maximized while the surface area is minimized to reduce pH changes and heat generation. The generator comes with predefined protocols and electroporation buffers for efficient gene transfection. Special tips and electroporation chambers are packed separately and enable sterile environment. The parameters of electric pulses can be easily changed via the touchscreen.

Neon Manual

Jouan [Societe Jouan]

Jouan GHT 1287 generates square electric pulses, used in electroporation treatments. The applied voltage can be varied via a potentiometer and has to be calibrated for each electroporation buffer separately. It is thus necessary to monitor the applied voltage. The duration of the pulses and repetition frequency can be varied via knobs. The pulses are delivered continuously, and the pulse delivery has to be manually stopped after delivering the desired number of pulses. The pulse application can be triggered externally by using a pedal or with a knob.

Jouan Manual

TSS20 [Intracel]

The TSS20 Ovodyne is a square wave pulse generator used in gene transfer with electroporation. It can deliver long low-voltage pulses in the range of milliseconds. It has a built-in measurement of the impedance which enables real-time control of the sample. It has an output for two electrodes. It is light and easy to carry around.

TSS20 Manual


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