Tjaša Potočnik and Jessica Genovese recipients of awards at the 4th World Congress on Electroporation

Member of the laboratory for biocybernetics and young researcher Tjaša Potočnik received the The Best Presentation Award in the category “Vaccines and Oncoimmunology” at the 4th World Congress on Electroporation in Copenhagen, Denmark (4th World Congress on Electroporation and Pulsed Electric Fields in Biology, Medicine, & Food and Environmental Technologies). Award […]

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Interview with Damijan Miklavčič entitled ‘Cracking down on cells using high-voltage electric pulses’ in Delo, October 13, 2022

An interview with prof. Damijan Miklavčič, dr. h. c., head of the LBK Research Programme Leader, was published in the Delo newspaper in its October 13 issue, and is entitled ‘Nad celice z visokonapetostnimi električnimi pulzi’ (trans. Cracking down on cells using high-voltage electric pulses). The interview is in Slovene […]

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A vacancy for a PhD position

We are announcing an open PhD position on developing electroporation-based technologies and treatments at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. More information is available from the PDF document: here. Mentor/contact for interested candidates is Prof. Damijan Miklavčič.

Prof. Stanislav Reberšek has passed away

Professor Stanislav Reberšek was born 1942 in Celje, Slovenia. In 1969 he graduated from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where he later received his master’s degree in 1980 and his doctorate in 1984. He entered research in the field of biomedical engineering in 1968 at the Faculty of […]

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Members of the Laboratory of Biocybernetics Matej Reberšek, Damijan Miklavčič, and Eva Pirc are the recipients of the University of Ljubljana Rector’s Award for Best innovation of 2021

Our innovation, a prototype bipolar high-frequency electroporator, came first in the competition held to award the University of Ljubljana Rector’s Award for Best innovation of 2021 in the category of full-time researchers. The prize is awarded to Assist. Prof. Matej Reberšek, Prof. Damijan Miklavčič, and Research Assoc. Eva Pirc, PhD. Congratulations!

Interview with Assist. Prof. Lea Rems, PhD in the journal Manager/Finance

Recently there has been an interview published in the journal Manager/Finance with our colleague from the Laboratory of Biocybernetics Assist. Prof. Lea Rems, PhD. (All ressources below are in Slovene only.) Link to the interview: PDF: here. Audio: here.