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Laboratory of Biocybernetics

Present: Marko Stručić, Shaurya Sachdev, Bor Kos, Tomaž Jarm, Matej Kranjc, Vid Jan, Peter Kramar, Aleksandra Cvetkoska, Matej Reberšek, Carlotta Delso (visiting student), Peter Lombergar, Damijan Miklavčič, Katja Balantič, Angelika Vižintin (ex member), Tadej Kotnik, Saša Haberl Meglič, Janez Žigon, Helena Cindrič, Samo Mahnič-Kalamiza, Enrico Sidoti (visiting student), Rok Šmerc, Duša Hodžić, Tjaša Potočnik, Špela Zver (ex member), Maria Scuderi, Anja Blažič, Lea Rems, Tina Batista Napotnik, Žana Lovšin, Karel Flisar, Tamara Polajžar, Alenka Maček-Lebar. 
Missing: Tina Cimperman, Maida Jusović, Eva Pric, Jernej Štublar and Zala Vidic.

Wonderful as are the laws and phenomena of electricity when made evident to us in inorganic or dead matter, their interest can bear scarcely any comparison with that which attaches to the same force when connected with the nervous system and with life; and though the obscurity which for the present surrounds the subject may for the time also veil its importance, every advance in our knowledge of this mighty power in relation to inert things, helps to dissipate that obscurity, and to set forth more prominently the surpassing interest of this very high branch of Physical Philosophy.

Michael Faraday
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1839