Tina Cimperman, Tjaša Potočnik, Tamara Polajžer and Angelika Vižintin are recipients of this year’s Krka’s recognition awards

At the 2023 Krka awards ceremony our colleagues Tina Cimperman, Tjaša Potočnik, Tamara Polajžer and Angelika Vižintin were awarded with the Krka award (Tina Cimperman), Krka’s recognition awards (Tamara Polajžar), and Krka’s special commendation recognition awards (Tjaša Potočnik and Angelika Vižintin) in recognition of their excellent scientific research work. Congratulations!

Media releases related to the award of the ERC-StG project

Interviews with Lea Rems, related to the award of the ERC Starting Grant, were published in the following media (all in Slovene): Interview for the national Radio Slovenia:, and part of this interview in Radio Slovenia’s First Programme: Interview for the newspaper Nedeljski dnevnik: ND2709_Rems. Interview for the newspaper Delo:

The name of the 36th week of 2023 is Lea Rems!

Radio Val 202 listeners chose (by poll) Lea Rems as the name of the 36th week (September 4-10) of 2023! Among almost 2,700 applications from all over the world, Lea was successful in the European Research Council’s tender to start an independent research career. She will lead her five-year Reincarnation […]

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An article on electroporation-based therapies with Damijan Miklavčič published in 11 May issue of DELO

An article entitled “Metoda za zdravljenje raka, srčne aritmije in redkih bolezni” (trans. “A method of curing cancer, heart arrhythmia and rare diseases”) based off an interview with Damijan Miklavčič was published in the 11th May issue of the newspaper DELO. The article is available from and in Slovene only. Enjoy […]

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Damijan Miklavčič explains the science behind a potential heart arrhythmia treatment by means of electroporation

Watch a great video/interview with Damijan on how a novel technique using electricity to destroy targeted cells (pulsed field ablation) might change the way clinicians treat atrial fibrillation. The video, produced and published by Medtronic is available on YouTube, link. There’s also more information available from the original accompanying news article, […]

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We are looking for a Young Researcher (announcement of a vacant position / job call)

The Young Researcher will be trained in the Laboratory of Biocybernetics, which is an international interdisciplinary group composed of engineers, biologists, microbiologists, medical doctors and chemists. Major direction pursued in the research group is the use of high-intensity pulsed electric fields in biomedicine and biotechnology. Exposure of biological cells and […]

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Electroporation featured in the news broadcast Odmevi on channel TV SLO 1

On Thursday’s (February 23, 2023) show Odmevi on TV SLO 1 (link below), you could catch, among others, a just under 10-minute long segment on electroporation, with an emphasis on electrochemotherapy and cardiac ablation, and including an interview with prof. Damijan Miklavčič and cardiologist Matevž Jan. Link to the broadcast: […]

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