We have renovated our laboratories!

From last summer to this spring, the Laboratory for Biocybernetics carried out intensive renovation and expansion work. Two cell laboratories were renovated, and we added a new molecular laboratory with equipment for molecular biological analysis of samples following electroporation, as well as a completely new and newly equipped third cell […]

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Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships to Lea Rems, PhD and Shaurya Sachdev, PhD for research in the field of electroporation-based medical treatments

Two members of the Laboratory of biocybernetics, Lea Rems, PhD and Shaurya Sachdev, PhD have received the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie for research related to electroporation. The aim of Lea’s project is to understand the relationship between ion channels in the cell membrane, prolonged membrane depolarization following electroporation, and cell survival […]

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Two vacancies for PhD positions

Note: This call is no longer open!   Two PhD positions on developing electroporation-based technologies and treatments at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. More information is available from the PDF document: LBK_phd_position_ENG.

Lea Rems in newspaper Delo

A short interview with Lea Rems about her research and beyond has been published in the national newspaper Delo. Link (article is in Slovene only):