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Prof. Stanislav Reberšek has passed away

Professor Stanislav Reberšek was born 1942 in Celje, Slovenia. In 1969 he graduated from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where he later received his master’s degree in 1980 and his doctorate in 1984. He entered research in the field of biomedical engineering in 1968 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, when, as a student, he joined the Laboratory of Medical Electronics and Biocybernetics under the leadership of Academician Professor Lojze Vodovnik. During decades of active research, Professor Reberšek worked in various fields, chief among them being functional electrical stimulation of the upper extremities and the introduction of new methods in physical therapy, studying the effects of electrical stimulation on spastic muscles and the use of electrical pulses for therapeutic purposes. He has led and participated in national and international projects, and was twice, along with his colleagues, a recipient of the Boris Kidrič Foundation award for his inventive and research achievements. Professor Reberšek has always been a diligent and conscientious pedagogue and mentor to students and younger colleagues. Between 1995 and 1999, he served as Vice-dean of Academic Affairs. He retired in 2010 but remained active in the Laboratory of Biocybernetics for many years after.

Professor Reberšek is one of the founding members of the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering of Slovenia (DMBTS). Thanks to him, a permanent exhibition of exhibits representing the history of the development and use of functional electrical stimulation has come to life in the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

The contribution of Professor Stanislav Reberšek to the development of biomedical engineering in Slovenia and of the Laboratory for Biocybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is indispensable.

photo: Jože Mušič