Publikacije - Rems

Scuderi M, Dermol-Černe J, Batista Napotnik T, Chaigne S, Bernus O, Benoist D, Sigg DC, Rems L, Miklavčič D. Characterization of experimentally observed complex interplay between pulse duration, electrical field strength, and cell orientation on electroporation outcome using a time-dependent nonlinear numerical model.
Biomolecules 13: 727, 2023. [PDF ] []
2023 The Authors DOI 10.3390/biom13050727
Muralidharan A, Pesch GR, Hubbe H, Rems L, Nouri-Goushiki M, Boukany PE. Microtrap array on a chip for localized electroporation and electro-gene transfection.
Bioelectrochemistry 147: 108197, 2022. [PDF ] []
2022 The Author(s) DOI 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2022.108197
Rems L, Tang X, Zhao F, Perez-Conesa S, Testa I, Delemotte L. Identification of electroporation sites in the complex lipid organization of the plasma membrane.
eLife: 11:e74773, 2022. [PDF ] []
2022 Rems et al. DOI 10.7554/eLife.74773
Sachdev S, Potočnik T, Rems L, Miklavčič D. Revisiting the role of pulsed electric fields in overcoming the barriers to in vivo gene electrotransfer.
Bioelectrochemistry 144: 107994, 2022. [PDF ] []
2022 The Authors DOI 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2021.107994
Scuderi M, Dermol-Černe J, Amaral da Silva C, Muralidharan A, Boukany PE, Rems L. Models of electroporation and the associated transmembrane molecular transport should be revisited.
Bioelectrochemistry 147: 108216, 2022. [PDF ] []
2022 The Author(s) DOI 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2022.108216
Vindiš T, Blažič A, Khayyat D, Potočnik T, Sachdev S, Rems L. Gene electrotransfer into mammalian cells using commercial cell culture inserts with porous substrate.
Pharmaceutics 14: 1959, 2022. [PDF ] []
2022 The Authors DOI 10.3390/pharmaceutics14091959
Muralidharan A, Rems L, Kreutzer MT, Boukany PE. Actin networks regulate the cell membrane permeability during electroporation.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1863(1): 183468, 2021. [PDF ] []
2021 2021 The Aut DOI 10.1016/j.bbamem.2020.183468
Kotnik T, Rems L, Tarek M, Miklavčič D. Membrane electroporation and electropermeabilization: Mechanisms and models.
Annu. Rev. Biophys. 48: 63-91, 2019. [PDF ] []
2019 Annual Reviews DOI 10.1146/annurev-biophys-052118-115451
Rems L, Viano M, Kasimova MA, Miklavčič D, Tarek M. The contribution of lipid peroxidation to membrane permeability in electropermeabilization: A molecular dynamics study.
Bioelectrochemistry 125: 46-57, 2019. [PDF ] []
2019 Elsevier B.V. DOI 10.1016/j.bioelechem.2018.07.018
Shamoon D, Dermol-Černe J, Rems L, Reberšek M, Kotnik T, Lasquellec S, Brosseau C, Miklavčič D. Assessing the electro-deformation and electro-poration of biological cells using a three-dimensional finite element model.
Appl. Phys. Lett. 114: 063701, 2019. [PDF ] []
2019 The Authors DOI 10.1063/1.5079292