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Prof. Tomaž Jarm is the recipient of this year’s Milan Vidmar Teacher’s Award – Congratulations!

Tomaž Jarm, PhD, is a professor working within the Laboratory of Biocybernetics (LBK). He gives courses in the Higher Education Program »Applied Electrical Engineering«, in the Master’s Degree Program »Biomedical Engineering«, and in the Doctoral Program.

Prof. Tomaž Jarm invests a lot of energy into teaching. The subject of his lectures is topical and systematic, with excellent literature available to students. The lecturer successfully keeps an eye on the innovations in the field of biomedical engineering and incorporates state of the art into his lectures, thus connecting the theory with practice and taking care the subject matter is up to date. He strives for intelligible interpretation and maintains good audience contact by successfully pacing his lecture delivery. He is honest and consistent with his students. He expects of them to think critically and independently, and to work earnestly. He provides constructive criticism and is always available for questions and interesting discussions.

The Professor’s successful research work in the field of biomedical engineering, more specifically in the field of electrochemotherapy, is also reflected in the pedagogical process. He is organizing interesting excursions and invited lectures by renowned experts for his students, thus giving them a broader view of current engineering challenges faced by research institutions and companies. In addition to his research, Tomaž Jarm also collaborates with industry and has been a mentor of numerous graduate and master’s students.

On the basis of what has been written thus far and the great effort that has been left out in this justification, we can conclude that Prof. Tomaž Jarm is one of the driving forces behind the Program »Biomedical Engineering«. He dedicates himself to work with heart and passion, thus caring for the development of new generations of excellent engineers, and is contributing to the advancement of the Faculty as well as the research field.