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Dr. Lluis M. Mir is an Honorary Doctor of the University of Ljubljana

At the Solemn Session of the University of Ljubljana Senate that took place on 4th of December, 2018, Rector Dr. Igor Papič conferred the highest awards of the University. The title of Honorary Doctor of the University of Ljubljana was received by, among two other recipients, Dr. Lluis M. Mir.

Dr Lluis M. Mir is a pioneer of electrochemotherapy and has published several key papers on in vivo genetic electro transfection and irreversible electroporation as an ablation method. Since he demonstrated their concept, all three fields of electroporation use – electrochemotherapy, genetic electro transfection and tissue ablation – have flourished and now are established clinical practices.

Dr Mir is among those top world scientists who have significantly exceeded the limits of their primary science through their research work and results, which have a significant impact on biology and medicine. He is also the recipient of several international and national awards, moreover in 2004 our university bestowed on him the award of “Honorary Senator”.

His scientific cooperation with Prof. Damijan Miklavčič and colleagues of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana has yielded more than 30 co-authored scientific papers, 5 international patents, 2 co-mentoring doctorates under a contract between the University of Ljubljana and University of Paris – XI. Cooperation was conducted as part of the French-Slovenian cooperation of Proteus, PICS and the Associated European Laboratory CNRS – the highest level of formal cooperation between the French National Centre for Scientific Research and foreign research groups.

For the last twelve years, and again this year, he has participated in implementation of the international school Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments, which since its establishment has been attended by 700 students and lecturers from 39 countries.

Photo from the ceremony: