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prof. dr. Damijan Miklavčič

Born:  July 19, 1963, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Address:  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Trzaska 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone:  +386 1 4768 456
Fax:  +386 1 4264 658
E-mail:  damijan.miklavcic@fe.uni-lj.siEducation:
1987  B.S. Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana)
1991  M.S. Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana)
1993  Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana)Position:
1993-present  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
1993-1994      Associate Researcher
1994-1997      Assistant Professor
1995-1996      Visiting researcher at the Institute Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France
1997-2002      Associate Professor
1998-present   Head of the Laboratory of Biocybernetics
2002-present   Professor
2003-2005      Vice-Dean for Research
2007-2015      Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
2015-present   Deputy Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering

1986  Preseren Award for Students, University of Ljubljana
1989  International Award of the Maphre Foundation (Spain)
1993  National Industrial Award of Krka Pharmaceuticals
1995  Award of the Republic of Slovenia for Scientific and Research Achivements
2003  Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Science
2008  Vodovnik Prize for Exceptional Research
2008  Knight of the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic
2012  IFMBE Vladimir Zworykin Award
2012  Rector’s Award for Innovations of the University of Ljubljana – 1st Prize
2014  Golden Plaque of the University of Ljubljana
2015  Fellow of the European Alliance for Medical and Biomedical Engineering & Science

Prof. Miklavcic has authored or co-authored over 1100 papers, including over 360 original articles in scientific journals. His works have been cited over 6800 times (Sources: Wos, Sicris databases).
Click here for a printout of his complete bibliography.

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Additional activities:
•  Member of the Council of the Bioelectrochemical Society (2009–2017)
•  President of the Slovenian Society for Engineering in Medicine and Biology (2007–)
•  Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Slovenian Forum on Non-Ionising Electromagnetic Radiation
•  Associate Editor of Bioelectromagnetics (2005–2007)
•  Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (2002–2014)
•  Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience (2004–2013)
•  Member of the working group for preparation of the safety standards related to non-ionising radiation at Slovenian National Standardization Office
•  Referee for over 50 SCI-indexed journals
•  Member of the Council of Science and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia (2010-2013)
•  President of the International Society for Electroporation-Based Technologies and Treatments (ISEBTT, 2016-2017)