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COBIK and Laboratory of Biocybernetics in search for a vaccine against COVID-19

The Laboratory of Biocybernetics of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering is joining the hunt for the COVID-19 vaccine. At the end of March the Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control, abbreviated CO BIK – established eleven years ago – announced a project whose goal is to develop DNA vaccines against COVID-19, and the creation of a platform for its rapid adoption. One million euros have been raised from private sources, and the phenomenon/technique of reversible electroporation, used to transfer molecules through cell membranes such that the cell remains viable and undamaged, will play an important role in the project. The “No.1” in electroporation in Slovenia, prof. Damijan Miklavčič of LBK, has been participating in the consortium from the outset. The project of developing a COVID-19 vaccine with help of electroporation was recently explained by prof. dr. Miklavčič and Dr. Matjaž Peterka, the head of CO BIK.

A recording of the talk is available from https://bit.ly/2KFizr5 (in Slovene only).

Photo: https://ars.rtvslo.si/2020/04/pogled-v-znanost-263/