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Damijan Miklavčič explains the science behind a potential heart arrhythmia treatment by means of electroporation

Watch a great video/interview with Damijan on how a novel technique using electricity to destroy targeted cells (pulsed field ablation) might change the way clinicians treat atrial fibrillation. The video, produced and published by Medtronic is available on YouTube, link. There’s also more information available from the original accompanying news article, […]

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We are looking for a Young Researcher (announcement of a vacant position / job call)

The Young Researcher will be trained in the Laboratory of Biocybernetics, which is an international interdisciplinary group composed of engineers, biologists, microbiologists, medical doctors and chemists. Major direction pursued in the research group is the use of high-intensity pulsed electric fields in biomedicine and biotechnology. Exposure of biological cells and […]

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